#1 [ftp].DaViDeo Corrector v1.02.16 von nobody 27.08.2012 20:09


DaViDeo Corrector v1.02.16

G DATA's DaViDeo (Pro) is a great and easy to use DVD converter, but it has a real lame bug in it... if a DVD is converted into mpeg vcd / mvcd mediafiles and splitted by filesize, the header will be corrupted (writes mpg2 instead mpg1 header)! So a lot of DVD player cannot replay these buggy mpeg files. DaViDeo Corrector now analyze the files by its GOP structure and if needed will do correct it! Warning: Only use DaViDeo Corrector with stored mpeg files converted by G DATA's DaViDeo (Pro) application ... otherwise it could create damaged video files, use DaViDeo Corrector at your own risk!

Update: 08/11/2005 - Freeware - 27 KB


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ich gleube das kann man nett mehr gebrauchen

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