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Why would anyone make another MSX emulator? The reason is that all current MSX emulators are not 100% accurate and have too high requirements.

BRMSX will be the fastest and most accurate MSX emulator ever. To assure that, BRMSX is all written in 32-bit assembly. There will be not a single line of C code in this emulator.

BRMSX will also have support to special brazilian hardware, like MEGARAM and low-level, port-based floppy disk support. It will be modeled after the "Expert 1.0", a brazilian MSX clone.

And BRMSX is not only for the gamers. The built-in debugger will help the MSX programmers, since it has many features that can't be found on native debuggers, like true breakpoints, step-by-step execution, and facilities to read all the MSX hardware information.

Download BRMSX

meisei 1.3.2

A new version of meisei was just released, exactly a year after the previous version. meisei is a no-frills MSX1 emulator with a lot of gimmicky tools inside, like changing tiles and sprites during a game, changing PSG waveforms, changing the palette, rewind, horizontal mirror and more.

During the year that went by, developer hap fixed a lot of tiny bugs and added a number of tiny improvements. All of these are so small, there is no formal change log for this version. Chances are that if ever you experienced minor glitches since version 1.3.1, it's likely that it has been fixed now.

Download meisei 1.3.2



* Commandline parameters
* Rom images
* Disk images
* Multiple configurations (MSX/MSX2/MSX2+/Turbo R)
* MSXDOS 2 cartridges
* Konami MEGAROM cartridges
* ASCII MEGAROM cartridges (with or without SRAM)
* Super Lode Runner
* R-Type
* Cross Blaim
* FM PAC cartridge with SRAM
* RP5C01 RTC (clockchip)
* Panasonic internal software (used in the Turbo R)
* Fullcolor in MSX2+ screens 10-12
* Horizontal scrolling for screens 4 - 12
* Line interrupts
* Fullscreen (use F8)
* 16 bit and 32 bit color support
* Joystick support
* Mouse support

Download NLMSX

openMSX 0.9.0

openMSX 0.9.0—Enigma—improves a lot on accuracy of floppy support, especially by the introduction of support for the DMK format. This means it should be possible to run all MSX disk software without patching it. Furthermore, our efforts to improve performance has some results: start up time has almost halved on a Dingoo A320! Together with openMSX an updated version of Catapult, our user-friendly GUI, was released. Please read the release notes for details.

Download openMSX 0.9.0 Windows

Download openMSX 0.9.0 MAC

RedMSX 1.4

New version of RedMSX, what's new:

* cas support! (only not zipped for now)
* more mappers supported (R-Type now runs!)
* Option to enable/disable sprites collisions
* Option to enable/disable sprite rendering
* And support to lightgun! The only format I know (sorry), which is used by Duck Hunt! by Karoshi Corp. So now, Duck Hunt is playable! I'm still looking for info on the ASCII lightgun, so I can make Dungeon Hunter work...
* A little more of speed hacks when using directdraw render

With this, RedMSX is the first emulator to emulate lightgun! Happy Easter!

Download RedMSX 1.4

RuMSX V0.41

Der MSX Heim-Computer-Standard wurde 1983 von Microsoft und ASCII (Seite in Japanisch) definiert. Dieser Standard war nicht so erfolgreich wie der PC-Standard, aber dennoch interessant. Es gab 4 Computer-Generationen (welche von verschiedenen Elektronik-Firmen hergestellt und verkauft wurden): MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX Turbo-R

'MSX' ist ein Warenzeichen im Eigentum der MSX Licensing Corporation (http://www.msxlc.com/);
[ursprünglicher Eigentümer war die MSX Association (http://msxa.fcm.co.jp

Download RuMSX V0.41

Download RuMSX Disk-Manager V0.14

Download RuMSX Kabbala V1.0

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