#1 [ftp].XPackGUI v1.20 von nobody 27.08.2012 21:13


XPackGUI v1.20

A tiny small executable packer gui for easy to use of some famous scene packers as an AIO! Supported crunchers are Kkrunchy by ryg, Upack by Dwing, ANDpakk2 by AND, 20to4 by muhmac, MuCruncher2 by Epilogue and the well known UPX by the upx team. You can set and change a lot of options for all given packers to optimize the packed executables, calculate the best ratio result by comparing all efficiencies. Simply select an input file, choose the packmode and efficiency, press pack, that's all. XPackGUI could be a handy tool to reduces file size by PE files and shrink the used byte size within hard disk! Please test the packed executable file, coz it's hard to depack 'em.

Update: 06/09/2011 - Freeware - 482 KB


#2 RE: [ftp].XPackGUI v1.20 von LiQUiD 08.07.2013 18:11


immer diese virus warnungen ist echt nerfig

#3 RE: [ftp].XPackGUI v1.20 von NeHe 08.07.2013 21:22


use crypter to disable the warning!

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