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What are these
These are Windows 95/98/NT programs for .AY and .AYM-files playing (Micro Speccy) and SNDH and MUS-files playing (Micro ST). AY files format is designed for Amiga DeliTracker plug-in called DeliAY by Patrik Rak. He also wrote AY module for Win32 DeliPlayer. First player on PC was made by 'x128' ZX Spectrum emulator author is James McKay. He made two great programs are AYPlay and AYMake. Sound of this AYPlay is so far from original, so I decided to do Micro Speccy. This version supports .AY-files of EMUL type (Z80 Emulation needed). AYM-files like AY-files. This format supported by RDOSPLAY (see References part). SNDH-files is designed for Atari ST computer. Many time only Atari ST compatible and MC68000-based computers can to play it. But now PC DeliPlayer and JAM can to play it too.
Some features
Micro Speccy has same abilities as AY Emulator

Sound chip - AY-3-8910/12 and YM2149F, all standard channels combination on output
Chip clock frequency - 1773400 Hz for ZX and 1000000 Hz for CPC
Sound - 16 bit, 44100 Hz, stereo
Z80 emulation - in principle "seems works". Download sources at to the Programmer part
Z80 clock frequency - 3494400 Hz
T-States number between interrupts - 69888
INT signal length - 21 T-States (this error is fixed in Ay_Emul)
Beeper sound is simplified emulating
Amstrad CPC ports emulation - I have no exact data about this computer - can be errors; only writting to F6xx and F4xx is supported

Micro ST emulates Atari ST as follows.

Sound chip - YM2149F, ABC-stereo
Chip clock frequency - user defined
Sound - 16 bit, 44100 Hz, stereo
MC68000 emulation - Starscream 680x0 emulation library by Neill Corlett (corlett@elwha.nrrc.ncsu.edu)
MC68000 clock frequency - user defined
VBLs period - from SNDH-header or user defined
MFP chip frequency - user defined
Formats support - SND, SNDH, SNDH v2, MUS

Download Micro Speccy

Download MSSkinExample

Download MicroST

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