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Welcome to Amiga Music Collection. If you're looking for *lots* of tracker tunes, ripped from various Amiga cracktros and other Amiga related music, this is your place to be! Idea of creating these pages came up years ago when I was about to play some game. Before the game started actually loading, a cracktro appeared. I've always liked those tunes that play during those cracktros, and thought it would be cool to hear that music on my PC as well. So I tried to rip it, succeeded in it, listened it for many times and thought: "Oh what the hell, let's try to rip 'em all on the same..". And so it started.. I've tried to organize these tunes as well as possible, so that it would be as easy as possible for you to find some certain tune.

Starting from 1987 with the release of Soundtracker, trackers became a new type of music programs which spawned the mod (module) audio file standard. The Mod audio standard is considered the audio format that started it all in the world of computer music. After Soundtracker many clones (which often were reverse engineered and improved) appeared, including Noisetracker, Startrekker, Protracker. Also many deratives appeared, amongst which OctaMED and Oktalyzer.

In the period from 1987 to 1995 when Amiga audio (which was standard in Amiga computers) was of greater quality than a standard home computer, PC compatible systems began to be equipped with 8-bit audio cards inserted into 16 bit ISA bus slots. Soundtracker Module files were used on PC computers and were considered the only serious 8bit audio standard for creating music. The worldwide usage of these programs led to the creation of the so-called MOD-scene which was considered part of the demoscene. Eventually the PC world evolved to 16-bit audio cards, and Mod files were slowly abandoned. Various Amiga and PC games (such as Worms) supported Mod as their internal standard for generating music and audio effects.

Some trackers can use both sampled sounds and can synthesize sounds. AHX and Hively Tracker are special trackers in that they can't use samples, but can synthesize the sound created by Commodore 64 computers.

Some modern Amiga trackers are DigiBooster Pro and Hively Tracker.

Development of popular Amiga tracker OctaMED SoundStudio was handed over to a third party several times but the first two parties failed to produce useful results[citation needed]. A third attempt at creating an update will be undertaken by the current developer of Bars 'n Pipes[citation needed].

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