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WinRipper v0.78 (C) 1999-2001 Peter Pawlowski
portions (C) 2001 Snailrush - http://snailrush.online.fr/

WinRipper is a tool that allows you to quickly extract sound and music from computer games.
It's designed to take care of most format conversions - just rip then listen.
WinRipper is freeware - you can use it for no charge as long as it's unmodified. I do not take any responsibility for effects of running it.

Available built-in converters:
NOTE: Built-in converters are relatively old, some of them pretty suck; I recommend that you use Winamp to convert files instead (or don't convert at all - available input plug-ins can handle almost all of these formats). Please read Winamp FAQ BEFORE asking how to convert files with Winamp (I'll flame every person who puts 'WinRipper' word in *2wav-type post).

Get the newest version at http://www.blorp.com/~peter/ripper.htm

Advantages over other rippers:
- built-in converters for most non-standard formats
- no false alerts (or extremely few)
- high speed
- can send stuff directly to Winamp without wasting extra hdd space (requires latest updated plug-ins)

Quick start:
1. Select file or group of files (use wildcards, like this: "c:redalert*.mix") to scan.
2. Type output directory (if doesn't exist, WinRipper will create it).
3. Choose what formats do you want to rip by enabling/disabling them.
4. Choose settings for particular formats.
5. Choose whether you want to be informed about every found file or not ("Ask before saving").
6. Click "Rip".
(steps 3,4,5 are optional)

You can also use WinRipper as a converter (AUD->WAV, VOC->WAV, HMP->MID, MUS->MID, etc).

* F * A * Q *

Q: How do I speed up scan ?
A: Don't enable formats that shouldn't occur in the file you are scanning, eg. look only for VQA & new AUD in C&C games; don't look for VOC/CMF in modern Windows games, etc. Also enable 'automatic skipping' and disable 'scan inside extracted files' - this can speed things up a lot, but in some _extremely_rare_ cases might make it impossible to detect something.

Q: How do I send files directly to Winamp ?
A: Enable 'send files to Winamp' option, run Winamp, then scan your game files. WinRipper will add playlist entries that will reference your game files (playlist will no longer work after moving/deleting game files or removing game CD). Note that this works only with formats supported by my plug-ins (in_midi & in_wave) and requires latest read_file.dll update. These plug-ins are available at: http://pp666.cjb.net/midi.htm and http://pp666.cjb.net/wav.htm (read_file.dll is included with in_midi). It will work with all input plug-ins under Winamp3.

Q: Files sent to Winamp appear as "1", "2", etc. Can their titles be changed ?
A: Save playlist, then open it in notepad and edit last part of every URL (eg. replace "1.mid" with "title.mid"); also delete all lines beginning with # to flush cached title info and make Winamp re-detect all titles.

Changes since v0.72:
- brought back change log :-) didn't feel like writing it before
- fixed some format-specific bugs
- added 'send files to Winamp without extracting' option - requires the latest read_file.dll, in_midi.dll and in_wave.dll. Mods DO NOT work (go annoy Jake).
Changes since v0.73:
- updated manual.txt
- fixed stupid bug in sending DOOM MUS files to Winamp; lame quality of old code causes it and there might be more crap like this waiting to be tracked down.
Changes since v0.74:
- old BMP ripper module is back
- SWF ripper and some misc tweaks - thanks to Snailrush
Changes since v0.75:
- Snailrush's TIM ripper (for Playstation image data)

Thanks to:
Valery V. Anisimovsky

Download WinRipper v0.78

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